Zabinski Foundation

Zabinski Foundation was established in April 2020.

The Foundation’s main goal is to preserve the legacy of Jan and Antonina Zabinski through building the Zabinski Museum on the Warsaw Zoo grounds, where Zabinskis performed their acts of heroism. The Foundation aims to create in the heart of Warsaw Zoo a permanent, visually striking and inspiring landmark’ “active monument” to the patriotism, courage and humanitarian kindness where Zabinskis harbored and saved at great personal risk more than 300 mostly Jewish people, while acting as caretakers of the Zoo during WWII, “because it was the right thing to do”.

The project is an opportunity to embellish Warsaw Zoo, and the City of Warsaw and Poland with a striking new visitor attraction for Warsaw and the Zoo with the potential to attract global attention, as well as providing a fitting memorial and celebration of the heroism, values and legacy of Jan and Antonina Zabinski. The 2017 Hollywood acclaimed movie The Zookeeper’s Wife starring Jessica Chastain brought this previously suppressed story to millions of people globally, including the people of Poland, Israel and the United States.

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Of animals and Man

The documentary film about Jan and Antonina Żabinski who saved about 300 people, mostly Jews, in the Warsaw Zoo during the WWII